SnowClaw products can be purchased at hundreds of Outdoor Retail stores and Snowmobile dealers worldwide.
To purchase the SnowClaw, please contact your local Retailer.
Below are some noted companies that carry the SnowClaw on a National level in the USA.

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To Purchase SnowClaw online in the USA:

Snowmobile / Splint / Pack Straps
(available at REI - click below)

Click HERE to purchase Straps from REI

You'll also want Tri-Glide Buckles from REI

Use straps to make the SnowClaw into an emergency Splint,
attach to snowmobile lift bar, or attach to a backpack.

Contact SnowClaw International direct by dialing
toll free, 1-877-904-3200 (continental US), or 1-801-273-1917.

“The SnowClaw is the ultimate backcountry shovel perfect for avalanche rescue, digging out a stuck snowmobile and making snow shelters”.
-American Snowmobiler magazine

“This is the smartest, lightest, most packable snow shovel around.”
“A wonderful safety item for backcountry skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, etc.”
-The San Francisco Chronicle

  • SnowClaw’s patented design allows for the revolutionary load-lifting force of both hands pulling in the same direction. Much more energy efficient than standard shovels –especially critical at altitude.
  • High-Impact Copolymer is an Incredibly tough, flexible material, but transforms into a rigid tool by slightly squeezing the handles together and forming a “U” shape.
SnowClaw Specs:

High-Impact Copolymer
6.1 oz / 173g
12.5" W x 12" H
317mm x 305mm
Crack resistant to
- Black w/Yel • Black w/Red